2014 is looking like a shoeish year. Two new crafting spaces, two events to get started: Shoe Party Saturday, March 1st 12:30 – 3:30pm at The Institute of the Lost Arts 3806 SE 34th Ave Come join me for an afternoon of shoes, and help inaugurate the new craft room at the Institute! I’ll be […]

You have your uppers stitched, you have your soles prepared, and you’re ready to put them together. Here’s what you do (with pictures by Moose)! First, make sure your registration marks still line up. Hold the upper to the sole with one pair of marks (I like to start at the heel) lined up. Work […]

Place: People’s Food Co-op (SE 21st and Tibbetts in Portland). Time: Saturdays, noon – 3pm Dates: January 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th. February 2nd, and 9th Tuition: $40-60 sliding scale, includes materials In this class, you will make a pair of custom fitted turnshoes. The turnshoe is a method of shoe construction dating to medieval times. […]

I’ll be coming back to the tutorial next week, but I want to take a break this week and show you some pictures of finished turnshoes. Jane opted for an open-toe style. Mark’s shoes, finished! Tom’s shoes aren’t quite finished in this photo– the keeper strap at the top isn’t in yet. My winter hiking […]

This is the skill that I’ve found to be the most peculiar to leatherworking, and it usually takes some practice for for folks to get the hang of it. You can skive with any sharp knife, but I recommend a skife with disposable blades. Remember that we’ll be assembling our turnshoes inside out. This means […]

I have good photos for this weeks blog post (thanks to Moose!). Enjoy, but don’t get spoiled — we might be back to text-only next week. You should have two sole pieces cut from the latigo. The next thing to do is clean up the edges and prepare the sole for stitching. Take a sheet […]

Welcome back! I noticed that last week’s post got cut short somehow, but it’s back now. Go read that and finish up your patternmaking, I’ll wait…. Leather is usually sold by the side (half of an entire hide), around 25 square feet of material. This can be a considerable investment, and takes up a good […]